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Honour from San Luis

TATri Yoga Gurukul received a declaration of honour from the San Luis Deliberative Council.

It admitted that the implementation of TATri yoga as a body technique, like gymnastics, highlights its sense of meditation, serenity of mind and deepening of oneself, even from the perspective of moving all the joints and muscles, learning to breathe deeply and reaching a mental stillness that reduces stress, the benefits on physical and mental health are indisputable.

That TATri YOGA is a type of yoga of the understanding of the elements.

This type of yoga aims to simplify the practice, along with the harmonisation of the Being, bringing you awareness here and now of what you really need and feel, thus being able to recognise your own human nature and work on it genuinely.

You may have a look at the document below:

HCD San Luis _ IUTYG
Descargar PDF • 535KB

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