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Be genuine, be responsible for what you generate being. If you can not take responsibility in that context, stay under observation and the perfect moment will present you here and now!

The pillar of TATri Vidya by Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi Maa

I am the Consciousness Of the Shakti Manifestation. Not comparative. And my only objectively point is to be an example of Being human with real identity! I don’t need to be or show to be God! Because I AM THAT! A God just go down in this reality to be human with all they fails and gifts! 

Can you feel it? 

Is more then words 

Too much more 

Every step lived genuinely is a Dot of light in our Consciousness...

Every step with Consciousness is a Dot of light in our ignorance...

We postpone everything and forget that time passes, that everything passes and only death awaits us. So you have to live now, it is not tomorrow.. It is NOW. Learning the value of life having death as certainty.

God gives you the necessary path to learn! How fast you walk or how you walk, it just depends on where you choose to pay attention! so: IT WILL NOT BE GOOD OR BAD…. you will arrive faster or take longer! however, you will arrive! Beyond this, the less You judge yourself for your darkness, the more you will shine in it!

We are not this mind. We are not this body. What are we? We are everything that is eternal and live this illusion, everything that live in this illusion is what we are.

Everything that is eternal and support the life in this illusion is what we are. But the mind try to captive what she can perceive with the sense so that we lost ourself.

Just observe it.

Your existence go beyond this form. You can see it, you cannot see it - this is there. This go be there beyond your believes. 

The Guru or simple master most of the time, they give you tools to transcend suffering… The satguru of your spirit.. shows you that there is no suffering… cutting off the “head of the ego” that blinds you again and again.. As many times as necessary.. giving you the possibility to learn that in life, the only super power you have is to feel… sensations and/or emotions that when diluted only leaves learning!

If they don’t love you for who you are,

they won’t love you for anything!


Whoever has the senses, allow himself, to permeate.  At some point the story of kindness of the angel burns the wings with the energy of the demon whom he names so much… and the ends up exposed himself, like a fallen Angel at the feet of ‘the beast” that have never taken caution: “The ignorance!”

Observation should not be confused with inquiry…

Aggression should not be confused with Violence…

Acceptance should not be confused with Resignation…

Devotion should not be confused with Submission…

Compassion should not be confused with Pity..

Education should not be confused with Hypocrisy…

Spirituality should not be confused with “not being human”…

Perfection should not be confused with “having no defects”..

Happiness should not be confused with ‘being cheerful”…

Depression should not be confused with “being sad”…

Naivety should not be confused with “weakness”…

Anyway… Everything is part of an infinite leaning.. there is No Good or Bad.. simply you must not mentally confuse yourself what is clearly lived in the heart!

We must live the experience without thinking about what it feels like… open up to feel… Nothing else!

Shakti’s love that is the TRUE LOVE… preservation… the one who LOVES without trying to possess… or belong… is the love of sincere devotion and this should even be the Mother’s love in essence! But not all mothers can manifest it! But beyond this, thanks to divinity, this Shakti TRUE LOVE is available to all human beings! Beyond gender!

Those who have a heart, Feel where the Truth dwells, in this ephemeral illusion.. The Divine Consciousness speaks… The Divine does not incarnate a human body to ‘shut up’ what it FEELS ONLY, through it! The truth manifests in the silence and the silence will never depend on the absence of sound.. The silence sustains in the absence of mental dialogue that depends on where you focus your attention.

It is the free will that the spirit desires, minimally of the Human who chooses as the path, as concrete action! More action in this plan and less empty words that only try to captivate beings that already feel captive!

From my Supreme God.. mercy!


Here and now always!

Realise mind: Here and now ...

This is The unique “time and space” that the life can to be more then all illusion that the mind create to feel representative on this life, with intention of perpetuate.

'Living in consciousness' will be a consequence of the path.. So sooner of later for the Mind, this will come! Observe whatever it is.. Do not dialogue with what you perceive as the result of the experience of your senses! Just watch, no dialogue. And this will be enough to calm the mind!

May the Fire of truth, burn the illusion!

Those who have EYES listen to the sound of what they see with their hearts!

If you want to learn about free will: start by learning where you focus your attention. Start there! Then everything else is the illusion itself! And the destination? It is collective! There is not an individual destiny! Destiny is the evolution of all souls sooner or later for the mind! And the free will will consist in where you focus your attention, nothing more! If you are not aware of this and allow yourself to be governed by the impulses of the mechanisms that imprison and encapsulate you, you are very far from choosing something REALLY! Sincere observation is the only way beyond form! And the only thing that belongs to you is where you focus your attention my love! Then you learn.. if you are in honest observation! Of what? Of your emotions and sensations! Nothing else!

If you do not open and surrender the beliefs of Mind, you will never comprehend it by more books that you can read until the last breath of this present body, that you inhabit! KNOWLEDGE without sincere LIVING in the heart, only becomes more IGNORANCE!

Very far form the WISDOM that every common MIND, believe find! 

The spirituality, is to live Your unique connection with Adi Shakti Maa potentiating your subjective difference by opening you to complement yourself by all the living beings of this planet and their differences!

To open yourself is: to not close yourself! And then, from sincere observation, allow yourself to be permeated by the emotions that the lived experiences generate to you!


To understand is to let the information settle or minimally ENTER, in the mind..

The comprehension is when the 'heart beats' by the living of the external experience and everything goes immediately, understood to the spirit.. your essential being! Then.. comes what I can name as 'post-understanding comprehension' which would represent the 'expressed consciousness' …

It no longer depends on external experience but on being able to put into words (express) what the initial external experience has made us feel!

In this life you will feel God through my human form in representation of your ourself. And you will live it in certainty as the sacred of being humans that as long as they live, are the possibility of transcendence of this illusion!

We do not need to be unhappy to fit in! In a word of hypocrites, being genuine and happy is a nightmare for the dissatisfied! So: live as you can, but be life! Fly as you can, but fly! Respect yourself! Be free with responsibility!

Everything that lives is a particle of God… The difference is the divine consciousness that permeates every living being!  On the other hand ... I am and will be everything you think I am!  If they conceive me as a tyrant, I will never disappointed of you ... if they see me as the protective mother I will never disappointed of you ... if they see me as true, I will never disappointed of you ... if they see me as a liar, I will never disappointed ... in this illusion ... the only truth, It is what we feel internally beyond the fallacies and mental projections.  So look at me as you can and I'll be what I am.

Dear Minds, do not allow yourselves be cheat! I didn’t come to bring peace…

I came to bring conscience! Through consciousness you can contemplate the Supreme Peace of your Soul and spirit, manifest in Your heart! I promise! Your mind will not always be in Peace in my presence!

We are living now by the mercy of God, for the grace of God. We are not living now because we are the owner of this life, we are not the doers! We are living now by the grace of God, by the mercy of God, nothing more. But it’s too much important also you take care of this temple that is this body. Beyond of rhetoric, spiritual rhetoric that people talk about the temple of the soul is the body - it’s beyond this! I’m talking serious! You can close your eyes and you go see that is your temporal home - your body. And you are not lived by your want, you are lived by the grace of God. So you have to exhaust all your possibilities to take care of this reality that you inhabit now. But surrender that you are lived by the grace of God. Beyond your want. Is the want of Divinity that lives you here and now. Understand? So it’s too much important that we take care of this reality but surrender it in the hand of God. Because we live by His mercy and His grace. Nothing more.

Take a deep breath and look beyond suffering… Observe… Have you already considered that your plans may not be as compliant with the Divinity’s purpose in your life? That the divinity that lives in you, only hopes that you really  stop projecting your belief in life, and begin to sincerely accept and be grateful for what he offers you? Whatever it is… and the moment you don’t feel the need to control what you are going to receive from it, the Divinity will give you what you really need?


It is not about judging the transited path.. Because good or bad for the mind it has brought you here.. You have transcended the path.. It is because of this that you have been able to see me and feel me.

So leave the path behind and keep on walking! Do not allow yourself to be influenced by the walking path! The path you need, is under your feet! Feel the step!

The Dvinity incarnates on this earth to be an example of being a sacred Human! the divinity will never be inaccessible to a sincere and genuine devotee. so beyond the human form that has found me and you see in his heart ... he has seen me now, because I have always been by your side and in your heart. the divinity does not come to this reality to be God… the divinity come to this reality to be human! If the divinity were come to this reality, to be God, would not need to inhabit a human body and its limitations!
Beyond this ... The divinity that I am and permeates me, manifests itself whenever a sincere devotee of God is ready to receive it.

The divine consciousness that lives and permeates this limited human body that I inhabit now, has witnessed all of existence ... from the beginning and to its end ... Beyond this ... if the illusory facts of any past incarnation, was the most important, definitely, we would no longer need the one we carry now…. In my TATri Vidya… the most important Birth is the one I am at! The past life is part of the traveled path that has brought every soul to this present moment ... without the bargo ... the perfect path will always be the one you carry under your feet, here and now!

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