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TATri techniques go direct to the comprehension of the elements available in all the manifestation of this reality where the energy that Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi Ma flows, the energy of Adi Shakti, where the physical form is not the most important and nor the name of any asana that dispose to do, but the perception of the element to be worked sincerely in the present moment.


TATri aims to simplify the practice, together with the harmonisation of the being,  bringing to the conscience here and now of what we really need and feel. Being able thus to recognize our own human nature and work it genuinely.

Most important TATri Techniques:

  • TATri Kriya Pranayama: Consciousness breathing humor stabilization. 

  • TATri Padma Dhyana Open Mind: Meditation technique, meditative actitude.

  • TATri Yoga: The Yoga of the comprehension of the elements.

  • TATri AnnA: TATri Conscious Feeding System, one of the tools that belongs to the TATri Chiktsa, the TATri Natural Health System.

  • TATri Mantras: Channeled Mantras and adaptation of Classic Vedic Mantras transmitted by our Shree Shree 1008 SatguruMaa Paramahansa Sadhvi Tridevi ji. 


TATri YOGA GURUKUL is a member of International Yoga Alliance and International Yoga Federation. It is a non-profit organization projected and created  in 2009 informally by its founder and current president, Tatiana Aleluia Freitas Martins, known as Paramahamsa Sadhvi Tridevi Maa or Mataji.

Legally instituted in 2018.

Purpose of TATri Yoga Gurukul is to promote the dissemination of the spiritual philosophy and the psychophysical techniques developed by its founder, with the objective of psychophysical-emotional balance in the family and sociocultural nucleus that the practitioners of them are part of. Increasing the possibility of the individual to find the best way to make use of his own internal resources, thus achieving the best possible version of himself.

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